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Sep 18 2018
T Shirt Idea/Art Request

I sure some one here is an artist capable of the task at hand or knows some one who is. I have an idea for a T-shirt

Sep 13 2018
Wrenching was Done

The Kid and I got to work on the Rabbit because my new 30mm socket came in the mail today. We got the old steering

Aug 10 2018

Just Rolled Into The Driveway. Had to limp the Rabbit home today after the front right wheelbearing gave up the

Aug 5 2018
Wow I Did Not Expect This

I just discovered that I you can fold the rear seats on the Rabbit Cabriolet. I did not expect this at all. Sorry

Aug 3 2018
A Little Upgrade

Got an OEM key for the Rabbit. It had some mk3 style replacements. Found this Mk1 key on eBay for under 20 bucks, got

Jul 23 2018
So tempting.

I want these so bad for the Rabbit. Do what you do best Oppo and encourage this, bad but entertaining decision.  

Jul 20 2018
Veronica after 130 miles

I drove her home from Cloquet MN, about 100 miles, cruised around town a bit last night, and to work this morning,

Jul 19 2018
Done Did It

Her name is Veronica, She’s not perfect but I paid 1250 and I can’t complain.

Mar 23 2015
She's Perfect Again

I finally replaced the door. The one from the donor car was a perfect match. Aligning the latch required a bit of

Dec 12 2014
Mornin Oppo

I have a feeling that I'm going to blue my clutch by the time I get manual driving down pat. I have a tendency to