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Apr 1 2016
New-style Jalopnik Decals

Hello Oppo! I just made a new run of Vinyl, if you’re into that sort of thing. I also still have Oppo decals and the

Sep 29 2015
Vinyl help needed!

My wife’s birthday is coming up soon and she’s always wanted to upgrade the Camaro with Synergy Green trim door and

Sep 16 2015
OPPO Decals

I figure most of you probably already have one of these, but for those that don’t:
I have some OPPO vinyl decals

Jan 17 2015
It works!

Back in October a customer of my dads dropped off his 80's Hi-Fi equipment, including an amplifier and a turntable.

Jul 31 2014
Jalopnik Decals

Just made a fresh batch a couple of days ago, what do you guys think? The bottom 3 are all from the new run, printed