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Dec 18 2018

...does a Viper engine fit in an E60? I feel like that might be a way to deal with the S85's tendency to grenade

Dec 14 2018
The Practical Viper

For less than half what an actual Viper of similar vintage commands. What’s Oppo think of these silly vehicles?

Jul 31 2018
There's a Snek In Our Shop

TIL the horns are located INSIDE the bottom of the ‘A’ of the left lower A-arm, and the third brake light takes some

May 28 2018

My latest 3 part series on Dodge Garage has everything from a carjacking to driving a race car cross country to

Nov 9 2017
Good Morning OPPO!

Have some SRT Viper. Saw this while at work yesterday and I needed to snap a picture.