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May 21 2019

I was at CarMax today (as one does) and apparently they started offering a 90-day warranty today nationwide. It used to be 30 days, then their MaxCare plan (beloved by DeMuro and others) would kick in. I remember my first dealership job and used cars were either CPO or as-is. It’s mind-boggling that you can get a used Read more

Aug 9 2017

I’m sitting at the Mazda dealer with my wife’s Mazda3. Nav has been showing 0 satellites for a couple of months.

Sep 7 2016
Sorely tempted

There can’t possibly be a more tempting case for MaxCare than this, can there?

May 8 2015
Hey Everybody

My early 2011 MacBook Pro 15” with hi-res matte finish screen is eligible for a free replacement Logic Board!

Aug 1 2014
How Do Lemon Laws Work?

I bought a new car but it keeps having problems. I'm tired of going back and forth to the dealership only to have