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Jul 1 2019
Getting Better

Got the correct ecm Friday after work, went home and swapped parts. Now with the correct ecm, correct injectors, and

Jun 24 2019
Things Done

Was toying with my roof basket fairing this week trying to come up with something to make it stand out. Finally got

May 7 2019
All Better (now with pics)

Got home Friday to find my car filled with goodies (the wife and kids thought it’s be funny to sneak them to the car

Apr 9 2019
Weekend Work (Now Living)

Got my parts Friday, so I got my motor back together Saturday morning. I rolled it out of the garage around 10 am:

Mar 26 2019
Interesting Weekend

Starts off with personal stuff too... that isn’t good, but some was. So you’ve been warned.

Mar 15 2019
The wrenching is nigh

Winter has finally departed the atmosphere above Southeastern Pennsylvania, at least for the duration of this

Dec 10 2018
Did Some Playing

Got the spare tire out to make room for the new exhaust and the oil changed Saturday morning, along with cutting off

Jun 3 2018
What's Oppo Doing Today?

Starman 💜 gave me this banner. Some girls like flowers, some like jewelry, I like car stuff! I’m going to install

May 7 2018
Weekend Progress

Got my wiring all sorted on the car (engine at least). Confirmed my Solenoid pack, TCM, and TPS are in working

Mar 6 2018
Swap Begins

Went to the junkyard Saturday morning to pull the engine bay harness I need to do my swap. I show up there thinking