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Mar 5

Some of you do not respect the Flying Tigers, and it shows.

Oct 7
TR7 Project Update

Been awhile since I’ve updated OPPO on my TR7 V8 project, it was delayed for a little bit due to me breaking my

Jun 26 2019

Bigly Yuge...

Feb 26 2017
Wide Miata build update

Been driving the car the last few days despite the rubbing issues. The Ohlins coilovers I have coming are arriving

Feb 15 2017

When I do my C6Z someday, I want it to look at least this good

Jan 26 2017
Thing I Want To See

A widebody Cadillac STS, rocket bunny style. With the absurd overfenders and typical oversized wing.

Sep 15 2015
Yay or Nay guys?

I kind of dig it, though it doesn’t seem to flow with the car 100%. It’s a 180/240SX with the new “Boss” wide body