Mar 11
Jeeps at work

Stepped outside the “office” (I work at an Australian Labradoodle kennel) and saw my wife parked next to me(she

Sep 9
Muck Fonday

First day back at work since last Wednesday. I knew gout sucks but DAMN! At least I can hobble better today. My foot

May 22 2019

Interviewed for a role in my company that is well outside of where I have worked for a long time. Pretty exciting

Mar 2 2019
Facebook Ads

Anyone else getting ads for turbine engine exchange and overhaul services on Facebook? Just me? That is some damn

Feb 3 2019
NC State Oppos

Are there any NC State Oppos out there? I will be working the Engineering Career Fair on Wednesday and we are

Dec 6 2018

Took the company front-wheel drive Equinox further off road this morning than many more capable vehicles will ever