So I made up a pallet of our return airbags for the month and I was 3 short of it being perfect. So we waited since we had 5 cars today to get done. Well I went to lunch and we still had to fill one spot.I get a little finicky about them. They are all facing the same way, just fitting on the pallet, and all the edges flat as I can humanly get them.

SnapChat: CaptDale

Well I wrapped them up and then someone pointed out was was facing the wrong way. Then I noticed every other one was facing the wrong way... Fucking assholes swapped them the wrong way around to bug me. So I had to cut the top off to reorganize and to make sure they didn’t go deeper.

Top Off

After that I wrapped them up all nice and neat like and away they will go. another 140 airbags down, Millions to go

Fixed and organized


TBH, I want to strangle my coworkers....

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