Takata airbag and parts availability... what to do?

My wife’s 2010 Versa just got hit the with Takata recall, driver’s side airbag. No parts until “Spring 2018.” Anyone else have this issue? I pulled the airbag fuse this morning and gave her the keys to my truck to take to work so I’m driving it now, but wtf do I do now? Call Nissan corporate and fight to get a loaner? Am I just SOL? I’m not about to just drive this thing for half a year without the airbags. Pretty funny how the notice they sent says “may result in serious injury or death” and then says “we can’t do anything about it SRYLOL”

UPDATE: Spoke with the GM, we get a loaner until they get the parts in. We just have to sign a waiver and not drive the Versa until then. Works for me, I have plenty of driveway space.


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