My wife’s 2010 Versa just got hit the with Takata recall, driver’s side airbag. No parts until “Spring 2018.” Anyone else have this issue? I pulled the airbag fuse this morning and gave her the keys to my truck to take to work so I’m driving it now, but wtf do I do now? Call Nissan corporate and fight to get a loaner? Am I just SOL? I’m not about to just drive this thing for half a year without the airbags. Pretty funny how the notice they sent says “may result in serious injury or death” and then says “we can’t do anything about it SRYLOL”

UPDATE: Spoke with the GM, we get a loaner until they get the parts in. We just have to sign a waiver and not drive the Versa until then. Works for me, I have plenty of driveway space.

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