Take me to another land

(photo from Google for representation only)

I've been seeing a LOT of Tennessee licence plated cars lately up here in Wisconsin, and its bumming me out. And my wife. She used to take two or three trips down there every year when her mom was alive, and since we got married that petered off to one a year, or none. Shoot, we haven't been down there in two years now. Sad face. I miss TN, as does she, and all weekend driving around we kept seeing these damn cars with these damn plates on them.

Usually we see a lot of Illinois plates, some Minnesota, more rarely Iowa or Michigan but at least THOSE make sense since they are so close to our borders.

But Tennessee?

Maybe its blue car syndrome, and we're just subconsciously looking out for them, but still it makes me yearn for taking a week off to go down there... problem is we keep saying the next time we vacation down there, we aren't coming back.