Please don’t leave me in the car. I will get bored, frustrated, antagonized by passersby, and I just might find some of your interior bits quite tasty. Nevermind the temperature or lack of airflow.

Never in my 15+ year career have I had so many “My Dog Ate The____ In My Interior” conversations as I’ve had in the past 30 days. Armrests, seatbelts, DASHBOARDS.

I learned long ago, when the wife called to ask me how much a parking brake handle would be for her Focus because she left little Brodie in the car “for just a few minutes” and he gnawed the heck out of it. We never left him, or any other dog we had alone in the car again.

People, stop leaving your pets in the car. If you HAVE to take them with you to a place that does not allow animals, tie them up outside. Or leave them with a family member or friend. Or putt them in a suitable carrier or crate in the car with adequate ventilation.


Unless you like causing hundreds or thousands of dollars damage to your car. Or in today’s case, Grand Cherokee.