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As we all know by now, VW got caught with a cheat device on their “Clean” TDI Diesels. Which were anything but clean. So now they are offering a payout to those who got snookered. And the payout looks good.


There has been a lot of controversy on this topic - that is: Is the settlement they are offering a good deal? From the viewpoint of an attorney in this field (automotive warranty law), the offer is a good one.

Remember: The law is not designed to make you rich simply because you have a case. I have seen people freaking out about how much they “deserve” because of the brazenness of VW’s cheating. But that is different. The law is designed to make you whole. And VW is offering to buy your car back from you at a price based on book value of year ago AND pay you $5,100 to $10,000 on top of that value. Or, fix your car and let you keep it - AND pay you the $5,100 to $10,000. This, on top of the two $500 Visa gift cards they gave you earlier.


Here is the audio:


And the video.

[And No, no one is “paying” me to say this. Almost every podcast I do now where I appear to be saying that an industry or a company is good or bad, someone accuses me of taking payments for my opinion. That’s not happening. BUT, if you want to pay me to take a position for you, by all means, CONTACT ME AND SEND ME MONEY! So far, no one has offered to do that for me.]


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