Taken to the cleaners, by the cleaners [Updated]

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Oof. Rough day. The boyfriend and I agreed to split the cost of a Amazon Home Services Cleaning today. It did not go well.

The overall quality is pretty good, 3/5. The floors, counters, and window sills look pretty darn good. They also cleaned and organized the fridge, which was cool. Additionally they did the windows (inside panes only), which I didn’t think was going to be a big thing but it does, indeed, look awesome.


They did not, however, move the furniture before mopping and vacuuming, which is gross, some of the windows have streaks, and the bathtub was a little half assed. They also skipped cleaning inside the cabinets, even though this was specifically requested.

This would all be par for the course except for the bill. Over double the estimate. $770. They charged us for 22 man hours, having given an estimate for 8-12.

Yes, my boyfriend authorized it. He really wanted it to get done. He has also offered to pay for the overage, which I declined.


I get that our place is both large (we had them clean about 2400 sq/ft of it, leaving the office and nook alone) and hadn’t been cleaned in a while, but it wasn’t THAT bad. I just can’t fathom what could have been doing for 7.5 hours.

So yeah, we’re going to go good-cop, royally-pissed-off-because-this-is-cutting-into-my-car-parts-budget cop on them tomorrow and see what we can do. I’m not a monster and was actually prepared to pay up to $500, but almost $800 boggles the mind.


[UPDATE 10/26] Amazon customer service refunded part of the overage, down to an acceptable charge. The plan now is to take this as a lesson learned, hire a housekeeper, and enjoy that the house is pretty clean in advance of our Halloween party.

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