Takes car to tire shop, they put on worse tires than the crappy old ones already on there

So I took the Accord to Discount tire to get the Falken tires I ordered mounted. I’d called them the day before and they said both the tires and wheels were in (they didn’t even call me like they said they would) they also said three of the new tires were already mounted on the wheels (I only ordered three wheels, because one was the correct offset)

So I show up and get them put on. When they pulled the car around I was too distracted looking at the new steelies and lug nuts to notice the tires. Anyway, I forgot the coupon for the alignment (different shop) at home, which was on the way. So I stop at my apartment and check out the tires.


And there some generic brand shit and are clearly used! The edge of the sidewall tread was marked up and there were lots of rocks stuck in the tread, way more than my short drive home should’ve gotten.

So I go back and tell them. The guy goes on the computer for a while and says that the Falkens never came in...

Anyway, they say they’ll upgrade me to some Continentals they have. I don’t remember which one’s, I didn’t really care. Just need some serviceable tires. And they’ll install them right now.

They did, which was fine. But it’s pretty fucked to begin with. If they just mounted the old tires by mistake I understand that’s an honest mistake. But they put completely different bullshit ass used tires on there.


Another thing. After ordering the Falkens from them. I went to their website and they said they only made that tire down to 16" (I was ordering 15" wheels) but I figured maybe they do sell 15"s they’re just not on the website. But in retrospect maybe they just planned on putting those bullishit tires on from the beginning.

Unrelated throwback meme

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