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Being that I am I’ve now been in Spain for just over a couple months, I haven’t really figured out what European car I want to get. I mean, yea. If I knew that I was spending a substantial amount of time here, I’d go an finance a Seat Leon TDi right now. No questions about it. The thing is though, I don’t want to be stuck with a car that still needs paying off when my time here ends. I’m not sure if the USAF is going to keep me in Europe or send me back to the states, so making payments on a car that’s parked in Spain that can’t be legally imported until 2030 (or the NHTSA get’s their heads out of their asses and allows us to import things) doesn’t really make sense. So I’ve been scouring a site that’s basically the Spanish equivalent of Craigslist. It’s http://www.milanuncios.com. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve basically got my search looking exclusively for cars built between 1980 and 1991. ‘91 is as high as I want to go because that’ll be the 25 year mark when I leave Spain. So, I started with looking for an Audi Sport Quattro (called Audi Coupe Quattro’s out here apparently). Great price, lower kilometers, and kept in decent shape. Their a little ways away but I have no problem with a road trip. especially if that road trips ends up with me in a nice, new (to me) Euro sports car. But then I had a thought, what else is there here? So I ended up looking at all cars built between 1980 and 1991 and I think I may have found it. A late 80’s, early ‘90’s Ford Escort Turbo RS. I would post pictures but the firewall at work stops me for some reason. But holy crap does this car look sexy. One that I found was white with some white aftermarket rims thrown onto it as well. It has 140K kilometers which I Google’d the math and comes out to 86ish thousand miles. But here’s the kicker, the seller only wants 5K euro. That seems a little low to me for an American sports car. So I looked at some more. They’re all priced relatively the same. Hell, I could save a grand or two and get a not Turbo RS one with the same body style and about the same mileage. It’s crazy how cheap they sell cars here. I love it!


So, yea. I’m kinda enjoying Spain (and Europe) as a whole right now. Now if only I had the funds. Time to sell the shit econo box Renault Megane I bought to hold us over until we got out Explorer!

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