This past Friday and Saturday, I had a chance to take an Audi A6 TDI for an extended test drive. Unlike some of the other extended test drives and loaners that I've had via one of the local Audi dealers, this one was by way of a voucher that I got winning a charity auction at Quattrofest 2013.

Anyway, I had the Audi A6 TDI from 9:00a on Friday and returned the keys at 5:00p on Saturday. Not quite as long as the time that I had the Audi R8 for a weekend, but it was long enough to get some additional impressions of the A6 TDI. The first time I had an A6 TDI was last year when my S5 was in for maintenance and the service loaner was relegated to being my commute vehicle.

This time, I wanted to make the most of out the A6 TDI and racked up as many miles as I was allowed (300 miles). My trek included a semi-annual run to Tillamook to raid the Cheese Factory of their curds and cut ends and the Country Smoked outlet of their jerky and pepperoni sticks. I also putted around Portland, outside of the urban growth boundary and anywhere in between.

The time with the A6 TDI has made me really consider getting one after my relationship with my S5 comes an end sometime in the future.


You can read more of my ramblings of the A6 TDI in a longer format blog post.