Taking apart the Ninja, again...

At least this time it’s in my garage, where I have tons of space to strip it down for a winter rebuild. Taking this time to let the gas fumes dissipate since I spilled gas everywhere draining the tank.

Now that I am back in my garage, I have my soldering iron and spools of wire to correctly solder and heat shrink plugs on the connections instead of wrapping wire together and taping connections. I also have my tool chest and cart to make things easier.


Shes getting some wiring work, new plugs, airfilter, oil change, radiator flush, probably gonna paint the radiator black, and figure out why the fan isn’t working right. Also gonna take the exhaust off and check that since I think the accident may have put a crack in it somewhere, which on a titanium race header, would really suck.

Thankfully, it’s winter and I have some time to get all this done. Also have to learn programming soon for my masters degree starting in the summer so my winter projects are really starting to pile on.

EDIT: More pics:


Roadkill style lists are always in style, pretty sure i need a new radiator and radiator fan to help my overheating issue, i’ll be doing an oil change close to the end since i havent seen any signs of blown headgaskets or anything, but that would royally suck if that ended up being the case, fingers crossed, knock on wood and all.

As an aside, i just chopped the tail off, so I do have to get an integrated taillight to get blinkers again and I bolted the plate way underneath the seat so its a bit sketchy for legal reasons, but this is such an off the cuff build as it is so whatever. 

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