I think first time in my life I actually feel burnt out.

It’s a very real thing.

Aside from public holidays, I haven’t taken a single day off since last year. Not even sick days. At most a few times an hour or two off work to go see the doctor or something.

My original course was to deal with a major project at work that lasts till July supposedly, so I didn’t plan on anything until the family trip in September. But the project kept getting held up by other teams, now it’s scheduled to end past September, threw a wrench right into the plan. I thought I could make it.

But lately I’m just so tired out, have to drag myself out of bed even try to get to work. The smallest thing can set me off and irritate me, internally I want to beat on something, just when my desk phone rings. Random intrusive thoughts worrying about this and that, I just couldn’t focus on one thing for more than a few minutes. I don’t even feel like doing anything outside of work, even stuff that I like to do. I actually felt I might go insane if I go on, almost borderline depression. 

So I’m just going to take the next 2 days off. Planning on working on Kristin, get that paint cleaned up and detailed. Hopefully that can calm me down.