I recently spent time with a brand new Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Road. I wanted to do something a little different with it.

Besides press events many hardcore off road trim levels stay on easy pavement roads, so I thought about testing it out on a “rough road”. My plan is to test out any off road vehicle or off road part upgraded vehicles I get on this strip of road.


I would describe the road as a mini-rally stage. I would love to shut the road down and go flat out in a rally car, but I will settle for a brisk safe drive in an off road vehicle.

Now, about that RAV4 TRD Off Road. I could see where it got its inspiration from Ryan Millen’s Rally RAV4, I felt like I was flying around in what could be a future rally car. For as little suspension upgrades that it received - just some TRD springs and some shock tuning/changes not the full on FOX shock package a TRD Pro gets - that it soaked up every bump like a champ.

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