This should be a thing here, it's FUN!

Not going to go into details such as K-Roll did, because I know nothing of Camries other than my truck was a pig on gas, I needed something better, it was fun while it lasted, and I was offered this as even trade. It was V6 but STICK, so I was intrigued. It gets 30MPG when its not cold as balls out, so that's good. It's got a rear seat so I can ferry my kids places. Which is neato.

It had 197k on it when I got it two years ago, and now, 33,000 miles later, here's what I stuck into it:

Right away it needed tires. It was February, it was snowing, and cupped old Primewell 3-season tires were not fun on my 60mile daily commute. Plus, those hubcaps HAD TO GO.




I had a couple 16" General Altimax Arctic snow tires just lying around, and in weighing the costs of new 15" rubber for the stock wheels, vs. two snow tires and 16" wheels somehow obtained, it actually worked out better to upsize. So like new 16" Highlander/RX300 wheels were sourced ($200) and two tires ($160), along with eBay OEM center caps ($40)

Also a CEL that came with the car was remedied with a new oxygen sensor. ($60)


Clunks in the front caused by worn sway bar links set me back $60 to fix, and I drove it the rest of the winter, threw some used freebie tires on it for the summer, and as winter approached once again, SHOCKTOBER was going on at Napa, and something had to be done about the wallowy ride.


So enter a new set of Monroe Quick Struts, Buy Three Get One Free! ($380 with rebate)


After that winter, around March or so of last year, a misfire was showing its ugly head. Oil found in the spark plug tube also was begging for attention, so off came the intake, the rear valve cover, and in went new gaskets, plugs, and wires. ($80)


Hmm, what else did I replace last year.... OH! The door handle broke ($6)


And that pesky power steering leak was finally fixed with a used rack from a Lexus ES, Whiteline rack mounting bushing were installed, as were new sway bar bushings. ($90 for rack, bushings, belt)


Other than that..... and some small fixes and changes and oil changes, the car hasn't let me down or left me stranded. The exhaust leak from the flex pipe will be fixed in spring, I already have a new pipe and headers to go on it ($180, but not counting it in the total yet) since it was cheaper to go custom than OE replacement. I also have my eye on a catback to go with it, to replace the already rusting cheap-o pipe and muffler on there now that the PO had installed.

So how does that all add up?

Car: FREEish (long story about sold Subarus and parts, a lowered truck, and a trade)


Wheels and tires: $400

CEL and tune up: $140

Suspension: $440

Misc: $6

Total: $986

So for just about a grand, I've driven this car for two years and 33,000 miles without major issue. Can't beat that with a car payment.