I have a green, 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer. It is terrible and I hate it. We’re actually selling it soon, so I can make space for my real first car. And because our neighbors are in need of another vehicle, we occasionally let them use it for free. Well, when I was walking out to it today, I noticed it was across the street at their house. Or was it?

So I zip up my jacket, lace up my shoes and make my way across the street. Keys in hand, smile on face, ready to hit the open road.

Upon walking nearly to the road, I notice a few things about this imposter TrailBlazer.

I think it wants to fight me.


1. It is tan, not green.

2. It has different five spoke wheels.

3. It’s the Extended, seven-seat TrailBlazer. My TrailBlazer is the standard, five seat version.


Confused, I look to the area where we keep our TrailBlazer under some trees (totally not waiting for a storm to rip some branches off a tree, and onto the SUV. That’s insurance fraud and that’s illegal. Yeah.), and I see it.

It then occurs to me that I was trying to drive a TrailBlazer that wasn’t mine. Hmm. Upon this striking realization, I hang my head low, and make my way back to ‘Ol Not-So-Faithful.


Not going to lie here; I felt really stupid. Thankfully, nobody was there to see me do this.


What’s Oppo up to?

(And yes, the title is a reference to the J. Cole song. He actually works out at a gym about 20 minutes from me, so that’s cool I guess.)