The FP post got me thinking about my experiences on the tail of the dragon.

Here are a few things I witnessed for the few days me and a few friends were riding on the Tail of the Dragon.

  • Lady in a Suburban hustling it, tires screeching, around every corner as she hits the apex of every turn...the apex of the road, not the lane. How she didn’t hit someone much less kill anyone I don’t know. We pulled off after following for a mile or so to let the crazy get ahead of us
  • Harley in the ditch on the outside corner, thankfully for him on the uphill side of the road
  • Cops. Lots of cops on each end of the road.
  • My bike laying on the ground (hangs head in shame)
  • Lots of guys on bikes passing like morons, but at least on a bike your mostly putting your own life at risk
  • A semi truck which is impossible to take through that road safely (these are banned now I believe)


There’s probably more that I’m forgetting. It’s a really cool road, but unless you get lucky it’s usually too busy to have too much fun on. My friends and I enjoyed the roads surrounding the area more than the TotD. While the TotD is tight and more technical, a lot of the surrounding roads are fast long sweepers which are just as fun as the technical stuff.

Oh, one more thing I saw. A dude with full race suit on dragging a knee around every corner. Literally every corner...while we were stuck going 15mph behind an RV.


Also, anyone who takes a trip down there should stop at Wheeler’s Performance, it’s a neat little bike shop near the TotD and the owner is a hoot to talk to if he’s there.