Tales from the Focus (aka how my newest car is a money pit).

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2012 Ford Focus SE. Base wheels. Base.....everything.... we bought it new as reliable yet inexpensive transportation.....


About the only options we ticked off were remote start and the DCT.

I bitch about the electrical gremlins in my Dodge. Those are slight annoyances. This car is pure rage.


Before last Friday, I hadn’t driven the car since Valentine’s Day (it’s the wife’s commuter) when I had to get it a new tire (chunk of metal in roadway JUUUST a bit too big to patch/plug). Fast forward to last Friday. Noise that is reminiscent of gear whine from the rear of a FWD vehicle. Great. Wheel bearing. Or should I say BEARINGS. As in BOTH. Did I mention it’s a drum brake rear? Apparently that makes it a crap-ton harder than the disc rear cars...... Oh, and lucky me, there’s a hole somewhere in the exhaust and it makes WONDERFUL noises when I shift from reverse to drive (or vice versa). I’m fairly confident it’s up towards the exhaust manifold itself as the rest of the exhaust APPEARS solid. It’s due for a transmission service as well. It’s too cold and my wife needs this car done so I’m dropping it off for this work to the shop I use when I’m too lazy and/or pressed for time. Did I mention the car only has 57K miles? Wheel bearings bad @ 57K miles...... Did I mention the TCM has been replaced cause the car bricked itself in my driveway last year? Did I mention the remote start has been replaced as well? When the car had 5K on it?

Maybe I was spoiled by my wife’s previous car...... Maybe I’m spoiled by my 160K mile Lincoln that was driven HARD before I got it. It’s been a champ.


I’m to the point where I’m debating on trading the Dodge and the Focus in and getting a lease...... A brand new MKZ select with the twin turbo V6 and AWD would be under $400 a month.....

Rant over.

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