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Tales in good neighbor-ism

I’ve been assisting my neighbor in my new apartment complex (since I sold my house for a hefty win) get a free-to-him Mk2 VW Golf hatchback running.

First time working on it, it was just belts. (FYI no coherent diagram of the belts exists)

Second time spark plugs, distributor, wires, remove non-functional power steering pump and low pressure hose.


Third time go to pull a part acquire functional power steering pump.

Also aquire many pieces of plastic for my Disco because I found this:

For reference this is my Disco minus bumper, grille, and snow:


It was as if God came down and said go get some land Rover parts. I really wanted to rip out the headliner and rear AC controls and ducts but did not have time/tools to deal with fiberglass. I did get a new grille, driver side A pillar, radio bezel, and passenger door handle cable.

Tonight, installed the reclaimed power steering pump on his car and got him power steering.


It’s the ultimate learn how to car lab. I wish someone would just give me a car that I didn’t need as my DD. Maybe someday the tooth fairy with gift me a 64 Ford Falcon wagon rolling chassis.

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