Talk about going down the rabbit hole...

YouTube snuck a USCSB investigation video (they’re the US Chemical Safety Board) into my recommendations. I watched it, which of course means I then watched a whole bunch of their disaster investigations this weekend; what with their awesome (/s) computer reenactments of various disasters and all. But this particular video takes the cake. It’s a half-hour of profoundly bad decisions and utter stupidity, and I cannot believe more people were not killed.

In case you don’t want to watch the video, let me just tell you that among other things during a propane leak it’s a really bad idea to stand around in a cloud of propane for a half hour and also probably don’t hang around inside a store WHEN YOU CAN FUCKING SMELL PROPANE EVERYWHERE.


This video has a surprisingly good rendering of a Honda CRV for some reason. A couple of the other ones have trucks that are renderings ofwhat looks like Mitsubishi L200 pickups, and another one (that took place in OKC I think) has a truck with (I shit you not) “KAMA3" on the front. Clearly someone either just GIS’ed “truck” and went with whatever came up, or the animator is secretly a Jalop and wanted to sneak some shit into the videos.

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