From the ledge that is the sweet little rear spoiler of this car:

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Bidding ends in 2 days. I’m seriously considering selling my beloved blue E46 wagon and just using our XC70 for daily driving / kid hauling / family trip duties. I’ve always wanted a V70R but somewhat feared the maintenance, and also haven’t been able to find one that was reasonably priced and also not on its 4th owner, no doubt having been hooned to death by at least two of those owners.


  • no rust
  • low mileage
  • appears to be well-maintained
  • not in perfect condition so I wouldn’t feel bad putting kids in it (it looks like the back seat is indented from car seats already)
  • price will probably not be sky-high partly because of the remote location
  • I have a friend who is local to the car who could look at it and/or help me with transporting it
  • if we sold the XC70 and my E46 wagon I’d have money leftover to address any current or immediate future issues with the R
  • it’s an amazing color


  • because it’s on BaT the price will probably still be well above “market” although with a car like this, that’s a little squishy
  • it’s a 12-year-old high(ish)-strung Volvo that will still have some complex and expensive repairs in its future no matter what
  • speaking of that, at 12 years old, there will be some rubber and plastic bits that are ready to quit regardless of the low mileage
  • buying a car without having even driven it with the intention of replacing a known-well-maintained old bmw and a perfectly good sensible Volvo with the intention of relying on the unknown car as a DD is probably ill-advised
  • Even with the help of a friend it would be close to $2k to get that car to the US East Coast
  • Ugh, it’s the automatic.

I’m still intrigued. If this car sells for under $10k I’ll be a little upset with myself for not having bid on it. If it gets over $15k I’ll be happy not to be into it for $17k. This is a tough one for me. I am not kidding that if it were a manual I’d be placing my first BaT bid very soon. 


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