Talk me down, Oppo

First some background. I’ve owned a LOT of cars. Right around 50 at last count, and I’m 42 years old. Most of those are old beaters that I’ve bought fixed, drove for a few months and sold, but there are quite a few new ones in there too.

What’s my overall favorite car I’ve ever owned? My 2016 GTI. Hands down. Yes, better than the 911. Last January I decided that I really needed something bigger than my GTI (the 3rd I’ve owned), sold it and bought an Outback 2.5 Limited. Very nice car. Good mileage, ton of space, easy to park, comfortable, goes through anything.

However, I’ve REALLY been missing my GTI. Casually car looking as I do I see that my dealer has a leftover 2018 GTI Autobahn in. DSG, driver’s assistance, exactly how I would want it, and almost $8k off.


Talk me down, Oppo. I just got USAA to approve me for a loan, I’d have no problem affording it. Tell me I shouldn’t go toss them the keys to my Outback and come home with a new GTI to put all the parts that I kept from my last one back on. 

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