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Talk me down, Oppo [Update: Drove it, details inside]

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Went to look at the Supra today. It needed a jump, but with a little coaxing it fired up and ran great. Aired up the tires and drove it around for a bit. Once I got used to the clutch engagement point, it went through all the gears great and reminded me just how much I miss driving a stick.


Checked the coolant and oil and both looked great. There was oil seepage around the valve cover gasket, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t. Belts look good, too.

It’s a little rustier than I had hoped. While the sunroof, hatch, spare tire well, and suspension mounting points are are all solid, the quarters behind the rear wheels are rusted through and there are rust holes on the bottom of the sills directly below both B-pillars. Has definitely had body work done above the rear wheel wells, but it seems well done as there are no bubbles, waves, or rough spots.


The seller said the sunroof doesn’t leak, but the plywood under the rear hatch was damp and the carpet was discolored. It was only under the wheels that were sitting in the back so perhaps it could be condensation, but it’d be something to watch out for in the future.

The interior in general is very faded, but complete. While the driver’s seat is coming apart at the seams a bit, there are no tears in the upholstery. The dash is not cracked, but the steering wheel and shift knob are both pretty rough. Power mirrors and windows work, though both mirror housings are damaged and the passenger side mirror seems to be stuck. I failed you Oppo and did not test the popup headlights.


The tires are a little too wide. The fronts rub at full lock. But it comes with the original wheels. Got it up to 50-something mph and there was a little shake up front, but nothing severe. Stopped great too.

So what do you think Oppo? Does this seem fair for a project car or should I pass? My personal preference is for something a little less rusty, but that’s unsurprisingly difficult to find and pricey in the Rust Belt.


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This just showed up on one of the local CraigsLists....

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