Talk Me Out of a 2006+ Civic Si

The people’s car.

Hey guys, Josh here. I’m considering an inexpensive car for a daily driver so I can put the Skyline GTR in the garage. I was originally thinking of something like another E46 M3 but after driving Seanny Ice’s (RFD’s resident master technician and oh-so-valuable asset) 2005(?) Corolla S around for the last few days I’m starting to think a smaller and cheaper 4 cylinder car would be fine.

Buying another RWD coupe like an FRS or M3 is just too similar to the GTR so I’m looking for another experience.


Enter the Civic Si.

Compact. VTEC. Nimble. VTEC. Inexpensive. VTEC. What’s not to love?

Sean’s Corolla S has that 2ZZZZZZZE engine. It reminds me of my GSR ownership. Only with less valve lift and blue lights flashing.


What I’m looking at is the 2006+ Honda Civic Si. My requirement is as far under $10k as I can find with as few digits on the odometer as possible. Most tend to have 80k + miles and I’m okay with that. I’ve found that for an 08 model year, 80k is right around $8k.

So, Oppo. Can you talk me out of it?

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