Going to drive an automatic Challenger Scat Pack tomorrow. The dealership has two in stock, this is a picture of neither of them.

The first one is in F8 green, which is a bit of an interesting color.

The next is Octane Red, and definitely not a Hellcat widebody as pictured below.

If, and it’s a mighty big if, I am really tempted to make the switch, this would most likely end up being a two vehicle swap, Tacoma traded for Challenger, and the Cougar (potentially) going for some older, functional truck. Meaning, it wouldn’t be something cool and classic, but something that can be used. Mind you, it doesn’t mean the Cougar HAS to go. The wife has the Grand Cherokee that can haul stuff, and truth be told, the Taco hauls no more than hockey gear 99% of the time.


I’d say the likeliness of this happening is a solid 20%. I’ve done the insurance quotes, and with trade equity a potential lease payment would be crazy low (about 1/4 my current truck payment). My wife doesn’t love the idea, but she won’t veto it, either.