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Talk me out of it

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This popped up on the local FaceSpace Marketbook. 1970, 4x4, 390/4-speed. $2,500. Paint and body look decent and it might shine up nicely with mild patina. Engine needs a bath and some new seals, interior needs carpet, seat upholstery and door panels. Someone also hogged out the radio opening to accept a DIN stereo, so I’d have to address that. I’d also swap on a set of steelies with more appropriately-sized tires and stock full wheelcovers, and replace the big honkin’ winch bumper with a factory-style bumper.


The only way I could justify it is if I could make a bit of money on it... I’ve flipped plenty of cars in the past, but they were all late-model cars that just needed a mechanical component replaced and a good detail. I’d love to restore it and put it in my giant warehouse of cars I love, but I need to be more practical with y car obsession... Could I buy this for $2,500, stick in another $2,500 and sell it for $5,000? $7,000? More? Less? It’d definitely be a fun project and if I could profit, my wife would welcome more fun projects!

Illustration for article titled Talk me out of it

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