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Talk Me Out Of It Oppo

Please, talk me out of this. My new job and move has opened up some doors for me. My Mirage is staying, as is my Talon. My Mirage has earned its’ place and been a best friend over this last year. It’s also about to be paid off.

That means it’s time to make more debt. I’ve discussed buying much on here; but one vehicle never leaves my mind. That vehicle is the Durango SRT. Some of you may remember that at almost this exact time last year I had a Durango RT rental for a few days and fell in love with it. I’d written a nice article about it and initially thought I’d hate it. However, it’s been one vehicle I haven’t been able to shake.


I made the mistake of driving a gorgeous white SRT a few days back. It was like feeding a stray, and it’s not going to go away.

Anyone else think I’m insane, or are there fellow Durango lovers like myself in these parts? 

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