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Talk me out of (or into) it, Oppo

The Oppo Half-Massed Rally is July 28. The Chevelle needs the engine rebuilt. Can I / Should I try to get it done in time?

The engine desperately needs rebuilt, which I have been planning to do this summer for quite a while. I have a really bad chronic case of while-I’m-in-there-itus which means I’m also going to clean up the whole engine bay while it’s apart (need something to do while the block is getting machined, right?) and knock out some of the rust I’m sure is hiding behind the fenders.


I had been planning on starting this work in June-ish, but with the motivation of the Oppo Rally coming up, maybe I should get started late this month or early May, and target to be done by mid July? Is this stupid? As a friend told me, “Worst case you get a lot done, then take another car, right?”

Talk some sense into me, Oppo (or push me over the edge, either way).

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