In the next few weeks, I’m going to buy a used C6 Corvette as a track car. I’m looking at 2008+ base models which come with the newer/better engine (LS3), gearbox, and suspension. They generally have 25-30K miles on the odometer.

That said, there are two Z06’s in my budget and within my search radius! Their mileage is higher (40K and 50K), but Corvette’s are supposed to be as reliable as a wood-burning stove. Please tell me if that’s not the case.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit scared of the Z06. 505 hp is A LOT of power. It puts me into supercar territory, and I only have one season of HPDE under my belt. The only car I’ve driven on a track is my 15’ WRX, which is extremely forgiving thanks to the default understeer and helpful AWD system. I had to overdrive the WRX to keep up with the rest of the Porsche Club, and the car saved my ass every time I went into a turn too hot.

A Z06 most definitely WON’T save my ass. But I keep reminding myself that a 430hp base Corvette isn’t exactly a guardian angel. If a base Corvette is already too much car, why not go all out and get the Z06? Famous last words?


The big reason I’m going with a Corvette is because I want to invest in a track car that won’t outlive its usefulness once I advance past the intermediate run groups at HPDE. A Z06 would keep up with the fastest GT3 or Turbo S. I won’t need that kind of speed for several years, but I won’t be in the beginner’s run group forever, and the upper run groups feature stripped-out track weapons with full cages and Cup suspension. I have every reason to believe a base Corvette will be plenty sufficient, but what do I know?


So what say you Oppo? Is the Z06 too much car (yes, it is)? Even if it isn’t (it is), is there any reason to be wary of a 40-50K mile Z06? Is a base Corvette really going to be less suicidal (maybe?)?