Talk to me about batteries

I’ve got a 2007 STi that splits time with my truck as a DD. As such it gets driven only a couple times a week, and since work is only 3 miles away from home it doesn’t necessarily get run for long periods of time when it does run. After almost 10 years it finally failed to start for me the other week. I was able to charge the battery and get it started, but I suspect the OEM battery has probably given up the ghost at this point.

Rally Subaru in the snow for your time.

What do I get for a replacement battery? The replacement battery needs to be able to get things started even when it is stupid cold out (-25°F). Do I just get the highest CCA battery I can snag from Walmart, or do I spring for an AGM? The OEM battery has always managed to get things started in the cold, even if it can be pretty sluggish turning things over the first thing in the morning. Car is kept in an unheated garage, so that helps some but -25°F is still -25°F.

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