Posted up on Friday that I’m currently kicking around some ideas for something a little more practical, and was considering stuff at multiple price points. My wife and I took some time out on Saturday to look at a few examples of the cars on the list, with the Golf R being the favorite of the day.

The Audi dealer didn’t have a S3 (new or used), but I later found that there’s another for sale locally that I’ll probably check out tonight. I know it’s mostly the same car as the Golf R, just with a sedan body and Audi interior. What’s amazing is that I found a nice example of both the Golf R and the S3 for under $30k.

My wife also digs the GTI, but my biggest concern about this trio is reliability. I haven’t heard a lot negative about the Mk7 at this point, but it’s also pretty new. If anybody has any experience with the GTI, Golf R or S3, I’d love to hear about it!