Talk to me about the modern Dodge Challengers

So I was just thinking about these. Near 400hp, from what I’ve gathered a LSD is standard on the manual, and you can actually fit adults resonably well in the back.

Granted it wouldn’t handle like a Mustang or Camaro. But I think I could live with it, maybe if I had the time and money, throw some parts on to stiffen it up a little. Plus afaik most v8 mustangs have a 3.3 rear end while manual challengers have like a 3.7 standard. Since I’d obviously be buying used, like a good Oppo, it’d be nice to not spend so much time hunting for a car with the “good” rear end.


Realistically I won’t be in a position to buy one, or any car, in the next few years. But just something to think about.

Anyway, anything I should know about them or their competition? Another car I’m fantasizing about for a future purchase is the, currently, new Civic Si. Which may sound weird, Since it has almost half the power and is front wheel drive. But it’s also much smaller, while still being plenty big enough to live with. A LSD is also standard on it, but that obviously wouldn’t be the same as in a RWD car. However it’d probably be fancier inside than a 2010-15 Challenger as well as be more reliable.

Any way, just wanted to hear y’alls thoughts on the matter.

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