Oppo, so I'm not going to worry so much about speed or power with the Logo (GA). There are no mechanical issues and the interior is spotless. But the exterior is in really bad shape, so here's basically the list I have so far when I get it at the end of the month, in this order, although honestly not all at once.

1. I'm taking it to a shop in Gunma to have the exterior returned to undinged/undented/unscratched loveliness.

2. Reclearing the headlights, if necessary, I don't recall how cloudy they are.

3. New summer tires for the stock six spoke Enkei rims. The ones I have now would not pass inspection.

4. Eibach lowering springs. I had these on my EK and they made such a huge difference in ride that they're not even a remotely questionable investment for me.


1-4 will probably be done as soon as I take delivery. Like that day if possible, or maybe the day after.

5. New rims/tires. I'm thinking something like this, if I can find them in a four lug arrangement:


6. A new exhaust, probably also going to go with what I had on my EK, the A'PEXi N1:


It served me well enough, and while some might argue it's too big for such a small car, I thought it looked nice. But I'm open to considering other possibilities.

My EK got stripped, so I have to be honest, this is a bit like trying to get back to what I originally had, of sorts, given that the $970 price tag on the Logo was just too fine to pass up, I'm ending up with a GA instead of an EK, and I'm okay with that.


I've driven company cars for the last six years, and spent another six months before that without access to my BMW 3-series (which was in the US, while I was in Japan), and I was still paying for it! So I'm pretty happy to have something of my own.

Future things I'd like to do is carbon fiber hood (had a VIS OEM style on the EK, would like another OEM style carbon fiber hood for the GA). I also had s2000 seats in the EK, a CTR steering wheel (of course, I love the GA stock steering wheel, so probably just add a red Honda badge and leave it alone otherwise), and changed up a few interior parts. The interior of the GA is blue-speckled, but the car has bits of red all over it, so I'm probably going to add more red, because I think it looks a lot better.

Once I am happy with cleanliness outside and my personal comfort inside, then we'll see what we can do with the already peppy performance, but this is my daily driver, and there's a lot of commuting in my day (two-three hours round trip), so I'm more concerned with Gunma/Saitama twisties than I am with hardcore power or speed.