This toad was found in our yard and has nothing to do with this post other than the compulsion to include visual content. The population is slowly rebounding post-drought, which is good to eliminate creepy crawlies. They get much bigger.

I am considering upgrading the tires on the Sunchaser. With the new cooling overhaul and suspension bushings, I am taking longer trips and driving it more. My wife’s newfound rally passion is also a consideration.


Right now, it has some cheap but decent Hankooks on it that have been there for about 2 years. There is no urgency to replace them, but I wonder if I would get a better and/or safer ride with a higher end tire.

I am thinking about this to avoid what I have to do today.

I get to write a brief to the Court of Appeal about whether an underground auger used as a waste conveyor meets the definition of a power press under California Labor Code Section 4558. SPOILER ALERT: It does not. The Plaintiff’s expert testified as follows:

Me: What was the device that caused the worker’s death?

Him: The east-west auger.

Me: Is the east-west auger a power press?

Him: No.

Me: What is the basis of your opinion that a power press may be involved?

Him: I saw a power panel at the plant that had 20 switches, and one was labeled “Press.”


Me: Did you see anything that looked like a press anywhere in view of the accident site?

Him: No.

We won, and they appealed. So I have to read all this crap and write an argument to convince the court that this case should go away. The lawyer for the other side is batshit crazy, and I hate this case.


Any ideas or tire recommendations?