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Talk to me about used Porsche Cayenne's

I have been looking for a used second car. Need something with some space to replace the minivan now that they kids are older and can drive.

My wife is normally anti displays of consumerism and floss. I though the mere mention of a Porsche would be met with comments about “yuppie scum” and “looking like an elitist.” But it went like this:

Me: “so I was looking at some more used cars and I was thinking about a German make...”


Her: “It better not be a fucking BMW. You know how I feel about those yuppie...”

Me: “No...I was thinking about maybe...a...Porsche...”

Her: “A PORSCHE CAYENNE!!!! SWEET! I would totally DD one of those!”

Me: “Huh...wait. What? Um...ok. Cool.”

So what can the crew tell me about the early Cayenne’s? I am trying to stay south of $15k if possible. Are used ones worth looking at?

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