Talk to Transformer is a bad idea

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Here’s the short story excerpt (the one I’m making) that I fed to that thing.

Daphne closes in with DRS enabled, and with one input seamlessly slides in to Martina’s right. The car has enough power to make the pass. All Daphne needs to do is brake late enough to pull it off.


Now, here’s what the neural network made:

Daphne keeps the brakes in. She brakes late enough to pull it off, at which point Martina’s left foot hits the pedal. But the car is slowing quickly and the tires lose traction, and the car’s car goes careening into a wall on the straight ahead. Now they’re trying to get Daphne to get back out.

Martina is able to squeeze off a quick but clean pass and the cars roll on the rubber. They go into the pits. Daphne gets off first.

The lights shine on Martina. He doesn’t try to get back in, but instead looks away.

Martina walks past me and into the pits. He’s been hit by a car. The lights are blinking and cameras are going crazy, broadcasting the news on the big screens in the pits and online. There are five cars back...


It’s terrifying, funny, and completely awful all at once. But it is a miracle that it can understand what I’m talking about.

Here it is, go try it yourself.


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