Guy works on the Mustangs. Obviously, he could not tell me any secrets, but he did tell me they already have the full size clay model of the new generation in the studio.

He told me not to expect any new engines for the refresh that’s coming up in 2018 or so, but to expect more HP.

He mentioned that we’ll be blown away with the handling and power that will come out of the new GT350 and that there might be a different name - not quite sure if he meant there will be a GT350 replacement, or another new model like GT500, or maybe Mach 1 or Bullitt?

He expressed his disdain for the new Lincoln Continental - he (and apparently many Ford employees) feel like the car is nothing special and that it won’t do much for Ford, but that they are planning on selling most of them in China (I didn’t even know they sold Lincolns in China).

All this to be taken with a grain of salt as there were shots involved on top of multiple Jamesons I had.

Smokey Mustang for your time