The car is being dropped off Saturday and the work will cost $3,000 (not including the new windshield I need to buy since I cracked mine). I want to get him to state in writing what he will do to the car so I have some sort of contract (is that okay or normal?). Can you tell I'm nervous? This is the list of stuff I need the guy to do:

  • Fix the small rust hole in body under rear spats
  • smooth out all dents
  • Repair patches/rust on door skins (light rust on the lower 4" of door)
  • Rebuild door hinges
  • Sand body panels to paintable level (PO sanded to bare metal. Note: Do not remove door/T-top weatherstripping)
  • Prime, paint, clear, affix the decals (I already have them all)
  • Assemble and align body panels (including spats, spoilers, etc)
  • Replace both windshields' weatherstripping

Also, the 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition that the guy was working on last time I was at the shop was looking beautiful.