If you took the time to google what Circuito Gandhi was when I posted this, you would’ve realized it crosses with one of the main roads of the F A N C Y part of town; Reforma, and thus this crossing exists:

It’s a protected left turn from Reforma into Circuito Gandhi, from the ground it looks like this, and I need you to focus on one small detail: the U turn is not permitted:

This picture is actually old, now there are two signs saying that one cannot do a U turn at this crossing because there’s incoming traffic. Normally Circuito Gandhi gets filled with cars as it is one of the main entryways into a very business focused part of the city: Polanco, so people have quite enough time to read the fucking signs, more over, they can also see something else...

Now, normally any time I need to use it, about 1 in 5 cars does the U turn regardless of what the sign says. However, cops have wizened up around here. Because it’s the fancy part of town and most cars that do that illegal turn are fancy cars or taxi drivers with cash in hand, well, they set up camp there, literally blocking a bus lane 15m in front of an intersection and 20m behind a bus stop:


Once you do the illegal U-turn, you will be faced with two patrol cars and five transit police officers who will stop you. Do you want to know what these infractors also get to see?


Well, as you line up to make the protected left turn, you can see the transit police pulling cars over for doing u turns. and they still do it. How fucking reckless do you have to be?

That stopped Tiguan is being interrogated by a police officer, average bribe in Mexico is 14 dollars.


Do you think they give out tickets to these people?

Oh silly me, let me remind you that police officers take around half of Mexico’s bribes, numbering about 3 billion dollars annually. I hope that clears things up.

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