I did a podcast the other day about modifications - or “mods” as the youngfolk call them - and whether they will void your warranty. I ALSO did a video interview with Paul at Deutsche Auto Parts about this topic. It’s worth watching for several reasons.

First, notice that Paul has things hanging on his office walls. What?! When did this start happening? Notice how sleek but empty my walls are. You mean all this time I could have just nailed things to them? No one tells me anything.

Second, we’re sitting in different places talking on the videophone. Is this some of that space age technology we were promised? If so, are flying cars right around the corner?


If this topic interests you, keep in mind that the podcast (audio) is NOT simply the soundtrack to the video - they are two totally different episodes/shows/whathaveyou. So watch one, listen to the other. And if you modify your car, know what you can and cannot do if you want to keep your new car warranty enforceable.

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