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Talking Shop: Bench Rescue

I was lucky to obtain this gem - a Dohrmann Hotel Supply Co. that had been used an abused for far too long. Man was it gross! But now after a few hours it’s worthy to grace the shop floor!

Oh barf... this was used for at least 30 years, outdoors, mostly covered by a lean-to, with three 55 gallon drums of oil laying on their sides. The grease was heavy. The pictures don’t do justice and the grease was WORSE before I moved the barrels.


Now all six shelves are removable. They aren’t very tall but who cares?! It’s sturdy. The bench top is rusted through at the back so that will need some attention.

I ended up decreasing it twice, pressure washing twice, and spraying with two cans of hammertone silver Rustoleum. The result is excellent.


It goes good with the floor I’d say. Now the top is obvious painted like my 4 year old did it. It won’t stay that way. I need some suggestions as what might be the best way to top it off. Formica? Sheet metal?


The top is approximately 90” by 26”. First quote I got for steel 16ga was $142. A bit cheaper if I wanted it in two pieces. The Formica would be free as I’ve got a big piece.

I’m almost thinking metal is the way to go, as with the baffle at the back and side it would be nice to still throw oily things on it and not worry about oil running down the back or side.


Ideas? Thiughts

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