Talking Shop: Big ARSE Metal Shelves

Filling a dream garage is fun, spending a lot of money on storage solutions isn’t. I’d rather be buying parts, cars, and tools rather than metal racks. Regardless, it is a necessary evil when decluttering! I’m thinking my decision fits quite well?

Yes, I park on cardboard with the tractor, the epoxy is too new.

I decided to get more junk off the floor by adding 90" Husky brand shelves from Home Depot. These run $249 plus an extra $55 for shipping! Needless to say, I fired up the 12-valve and headed off to my local HD - no way would I pay that for shipping!


This unit measures at 90"x 90" x 24" and it is heavy... over 200lbs and awkward, just big enough to be a pain in the arse by oneself. I got help at the store by an associate, and used the Kubota when I got home - I take any excuse I can get to fire up my tractor.

Ignore random parts at lower right, my OCD caused me to clean up that mess already.

Other than needing help to move around the box, the only other time you need a hand is to stand up the ends and attach the first cross bar. The bars slip into slots into the ends, super easy. After about 5 minutes you’ve got this:

The wire shelving just sits in a channel between the bars, no screws required at all.

I might buy another one. It fits totes rather well, and I’ve got quite a few full of parts right now. I definitely recommend these to any of you if you’re needing some heavy duty racks. They do come a bit smaller and in red if you so feel the need - I wish they had red when I got these... they’d match the cabinets!

Not too shabby eh?

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