Talking Shop: Matryoshka Cabinet Goals

I’ve been needing some cabinets. I have too many boxes on the ground and no where to organize my junk. I was slumming along one day online when I found these, New Age cabinets from almost everywhere (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.). I’m not going to mess about - they’re excellent.

Screwed this up once, both casters to the front... who’d a thunk?

Now I’ve got a space to fill that is approximately 30' by 32'. The distance between the rear windows is 120". Being it would be central to the room, a cabinet set was needed to fit. There are numerous sets of New Age cabinets but the 108" wide set fit perfect into the place I desired some storage.

One big-ass box truck delivered this and knocked into every impossibly high branch around the driveway.

Once it was ordered it took about one week to be delivered. It came as pictured on a pallet. Conveniently they nest all together and everything separates very easy. There are large Styrofoam blocks holding in the boxes for fasteners and other brackets.

Each cabinet un-nests not unlike the famous Russian nesting dolls known as Matryoshka dolls. Yes, I did have to look that up. There is a name for ‘Russian nesting dolls’.

Feet. Feet. Feet. How many different feet you meet?!

The cabinets need their feet and casters need attaching which results in about four bolts per foot. So a quick amount of math that’s around 64 feet bolts. Most are easy to install as they are threaded on the cabinet end.

Look at the size of the foam blocks! My trash can is full to the brim.

Installing the cabinets to the lockers seemed a little intimidating.

  • Would they line up?
  • How heavy could these be for one lonely assembler?
  • How many wrenches would be thrown before something broke?

The answer... like a glove! 

I’ll admit a slight amount of bending to get to this point but less than 1/8".

I was thoroughly impressed with the ease these went together. Even a knuckle dragging, wrench throwing, expletive shouting Neanderthal like myself was able to accomplish it, alone. The units are light and the doors come off with one spring loaded pin to assist with holding a bolt and threading the Nyloc onto it.

C’est magnifique!!!

I highly recommend these cabinets. I bought the lower end model but there are several other trim levels available if you want a different look or if you just like spending lots of money! I paid around $1100 for these and I don’t regret it at all.

I’d consider buying more but at this point I’m not wanting to build around more cabinets in the future. If I end up getting the tool box or large compressor I want, I’d rather build around those rather than the other way around.

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