her: only $20 for 3/4 tank!
me: dang, my tank is like 20 gallons, takes at least like $70 to fill it
her: oh, I think mine is 25, I get really good mileage
*in my mind* OMG MATH, WHERE IS YOURS?
me: what do you drive?
her: Buick Regal Supercharger
me: Your tank is 17 gallons, 17.5 actually.
her: oh lol
me: yeah, 3/4 tank would cost way more! Like 50 bucks!
her: well there was already some gas in it
me: *I figure I better apologize, rather than ranting on and on, poking holes through her math* Sorry, i am kind of a car nut, so I was like "no way is it 25 gallons"
her: oh, haha, what is your favorite car?
me: o_o, I like lots of cars, but I guess one car I've always wanted is a 60's Mustang, what do you like?
her: Impreza, Jetta, Supra
me: Did you watch The fast and the furious last night?
her: lol, yeah.