Been watching a lot of reviews on the TRD pro tacoma lately since it was just “introduced” for 2019 and the embargoes have been lifted and a common theme is present in many of them: “cramped cabin”. Specifically that the roof is too low and the floor too high.

Yes, the floor is high but at least it has a reason to be (high floor sills means great breakover clearance and no body damage) but the low roof? Seems like an oversight. Frankly I suspect a lot of that has to do with reusing a lot of the cab design from the 2nd gen but being required to add a sunroof for people who for some reason actually want a sunroof in their truck (and the associated structural beam present in all trucks).

Anyway, I wanted to see if raising the cab height would make the truck too ungainly visually and here are the results.





Honestly I think it makes the truck look a little more proportioned. I always though the 3rd gens looks strangely long. It’s got a 1st gen Tundra vibe which I quiet like. probably wouldn’t be great for their CD figures though...

oh well.

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